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Why is QuestionPoint showing a question as deleted, but it was marked for follow-up by a librarian?

  • When searching by question ID, QuestionPoint lists the question as deleted
Applies to
  • QuestionPoint 

If the patron's email address was modified, the original question may have been deleted and a new question created with the updated email address. To check this, please follow these directions: 

  1. Log into QuestionPoint and select Ask > Questions > All
  2. Search for the question ID by doing a keyword search. 
  3. If question with a different question ID appears in the results, open the new question. 
  4. Check notes on the new question to see if the original question was deleted due to an update to the patron's email address. 

If you are unable to find a new question that is related to the original question or need additional information, please OCLC Support.  

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