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Navigate the parts of the profile

Use the following information to help you go to a particular part of the profile that you want to view, print, complete, or change. You may want to print required parts of the profile in which you have entered no information or partial information to help you identify the information you still need to gather.

 Note:  For help viewing or printing the information you have already entered in your institution's profile, see Print your current profile information.

Sections of the profile

Because it contains many fields for supplying information about an institution, the profile is divided into the Institution Services section and the Collection Strengths section. For an overview of these sections, see Institution Services and Collection Strengths.


Use the following procedure to go to a particular part of the profile.

  1. Log on to QuestionPoint using your institution administrator authorization number or another authorization number with the edit-profile privilege.     
  2. If the Profile module is not displayed, click Profile at the top of the screen. The system displays the Profile module.
  3. To go to the Institution Services section, click the Institution Services tab on the main menu.  Or, to go to the Collection Strengths section, click the Collection Strengths tab.
    • The system displays the home page for the section.
  4. To go to a part of a section, click the link in the menu below the tab.  The system displays the part.

     Note: For lists of parts and links, see Institution Services section and Collection Strengths section.

  5.  If the part has multiple screens, click the button for a screen to go to that screen. The system displays the screen.

     Note:  For a list of screens and buttons, see Collection Strengths section.

Institution Services 

The components and menu links of the Institution Services section are listed below.

Profile part menu link
Institution Information Inst Info
Institution Contact Information Contact
Alternate Institution Names Names
Available Times Available
Unavailable Dates Unavailable
Geographic Locations Served Locs Served
Languages Served Languages Served

Collection Strengths

The components, screens, menu links, and buttons of the Collection Strengths section are listed below.

Profile part Screen Menu link Button
Language Strengths n/a Language n/a
Subject Strengths Class A Subject Edit Strength for A
Class B Subject Edit Strength for B
Class C Subject Edit Strength for C
Class D Subject Edit Strength for D
Class E Subject Edit Strength for E
Class F Subject Edit Strength for F
Class G Subject Edit Strength for G
Class H Subject Edit Strength for H
Class J Subject Edit Strength for J
Class K Subject Edit Strength for K
Class L Subject Edit Strength for L
Class M Subject Edit Strength for M
Class N Subject Edit Strength for N
Class P Subject Edit Strength for P
Class Q Subject Edit Strength for Q
Class S Subject Edit Strength for S
Class T Subject Edit Strength for T
Class U Subject Edit Strength for U
Class V Subject Edit Strength for V
Class NLM Subject Edit Strength for NLM
Class Z Subject Edit Strength for Z
Collection Format Strengths n/a Format n/a
Geographic Strengths Geographic Strengths Geographic n/a
Asia Geographic Subcat for a: Asia
China Geographic Subcat for a: Asia 
and then
Subcat for a-cc: China
Europe Geographic Subcat for e: Europe
Austria Geographic Subcat for e: Europe 
and then
Subcat for e-au: Austria
Germany Geographic Subcat for e: Europe 
and then
Subcat for e-gx: Germany
Switzerland Geographic Subcat for e: Europe 
and then
Subcat for e-sz: Switzerland
Great Britain Geographic Subcat for e: Europe 
and then
Subcat for e-uk: Great Britain
Africa Geographic Subcat for f: Africa
Indian Ocean Geographic Subcat for i: Indian Ocean
North America Geographic Subcat for n: North America
Canada Geographic Subcat for n: North America 
and then
Subcat for n-cn: Canada
United States Geographic Subcat for n: North America 
and then
Subcat for n-us: United States
South America Geographic Subcat for s: South America
Australasia Geographic Subcat for u: Australasia
Australia Geographic Subcat for u: Australasia 
and then
Subcat for u-at: Australia
Specialties n/a Specialties n/a


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