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Determine information needed in the profile

Although the profile contains many parts and fields, the ones that must be completed vary by group.  Use the two procedures below to help you determine the following:

  • Which parts and fields your groups require
  • What information you need to gather in order to complete them

For an overview of the profile process, see Profile information.

For help with the next step in the profile process, see Gather needed information.

Determine what profile information you need to provide for your local/regional group

To determine what information you need to provide in the profile for your local/regional group:

  1. Log on to QuestionPoint using your institution administrator authorization number or another authorization number with the edit-profile privilege.    
  2. If the Profile module is not displayed, click Profile at the top of the screen.
  3. If Institution Services is not displayed, click the Institution Services tab in the main menu.
    • In Institution Services, the activation status of your institution's profile is listed for each group in which your institution may participate. A Requirements button and a Submit button appear for each group.
  4. Click the Requirements button for your local/regional group.
    • In a separate browser window, the system displays a list of the profile approval requirements for the group, including each required part/field and its current status:
      • OK indicates that the required part/field contains some information, which may or may not be correct and complete.
      • Not OK indicates that the required part/field contains no information. 

         Note: If no required parts or fields are listed, you can close the separate browser window, click the Submit button for the group, and skip steps 5-6.
  5. Print the requirements for the network and close the separate browser window.    
  6. Go to and print each required part of the profile to learn what information is needed for that part. For help, see Navigate the parts of the profile.


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