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Institution services

Use the Institution Services section of the Profile module to enter information about your institution's services.

 Note:  Use the Collection Strengths section of the Profile module to enter information about the strengths of your library's collection.

The following table describes the parts of the Institution Services section.

Part Description
Institution Services

The section's home page, containing buttons that lead to each part of the section. Also contains brief descriptions of each part.

To find out which parts and fields of the entire profile a group requires, click the Requirements button for the group.

To submit the entire profile when you complete your initial institution profile for a group, click the Submit button for the group.

Institution Information Form for entering institution name, address, time zone, education levels served.
Contact Information Form for entering contact information, library type, number of questions to be submitted/answered per week, number/levels of staff.
Alternate Names Form for entering institution name as it appears in other languages.
Locations Served Form for entering geographic locations of users served.
Languages Served Form for entering the languages in which your organization can handle questions and answers.


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