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About updating KB records

What does it mean to update a KB record?

Update means to change an active KB record. A KB editor or the librarian who added the record can update an active record as needed to add, change, or correct information in most fields of the record.

Can I edit my KB records?

You can edit records that you add to a KB while they are inactive (before a KB editor activates them) and when they are active. If a record that you added has an Edit button, it is still inactive. You can click the button to begin to edit the record.

If a record that you added has an Update button, it is active. You can click the button to begin to update the record.

You cannot delete the record unless you are a KB editor.

You can also report needed corrections and changes for an editor to consider. An editor can add or remove information or remove an entire record.

View my KB privileges

  1. Click My QuestionPoint at the top of any QuestionPoint page. QuestionPoint displays the My QuestionPoint screen.
  2. Click My Settings. QuestionPoint displays the View/Change My Settings page.
  3. View the Account Privileges for Knowledge Base.
  4. Contact your institution administrator if you need to request changes to your KB privileges.

Abilities of the KB privileges

The following table describes the abilities of the KB privileges.

KB privileges abilities
View KB Abilities:
  • Search active records
  • Copy or forward active records to answer questions
  • Browse all records
Add/Submit All the abilities of View KB privileges plus:
  • Add inactive records
Edit KB All the abilities of Add/Submit privileges plus:
  • Edit inactive records
  • Activate inactive records
  • Update active records
Edit/Delete KB All the abilities of Edit KB privileges plus:
  • Remove records from the KB


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