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About knowledge bases


A knowledge base (KB), as used in QuestionPoint, is a searchable database of selected, edited questions and answers. A KB makes the answer prepared for one patron available to serve other patrons.

Records containing questions and answers are added to one or more KBs. KB records are edited, activated, indexed, and made available for searching and viewing.

QuestionPoint provides two types of KBs:

KB editor

A KB editor is a librarian who has edit privileges for a KB. KB editors activate KB records to make them available for searching, regardless of who added (submitted) the records. Editors also enhance KB records to provide better searching, browsing and usability.

You are a KB editor if your institution administrator gave you Edit or Edit/Delete privileges for a KB (Administration > Institution > Accounts).

Most editors have Edit or Edit/Delete privileges for only one KB. They have View or Add/Submit privileges for other KBs.

A group or library that maintains a local KB decides what its editors will do.

KB editors can do the following:

  • Edit, enhance, and activate records that have Inactive or Review status to make them searchable.
  • Update records that have Active status to add, change, or remove record content.
  • Remove records from the KB if they are not needed.

KB editors might perform the following duties:

  • Determine the appropriateness of records for inclusion in the KB.
  • Delete content that identifies individuals.
  • Correct spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.
  • Enforce format standards by changing certain content as needed (such as URLs and bibliographic citations).
  • Review records for accuracy and objectivity and then change or remove them as needed.
  • Add keywords and subject classification to improve retrievability.
  • Add or change content to keep active records up-to-date and useful.


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