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Question form for questions to be answered via email

Your library can place a question form on its website so patrons can submit questions at any time. You send answers to these questions via e-mail from QuestionPoint. QuestionPoint also provides tools that let your library cooperate with other libraries so others can answer your patrons’ questions when your library is not available.

Patron submits question

A patron can submit a question on the question form, usually from a link on your website or other library interfaces. QuestionPoint acknowledges the question, adds it to your library’s new questions in the Ask a Librarian (Ask) module, and sends an email message to notify your library of the new question. A librarian can respond immediately if available when the question arrives. Otherwise, a librarian responds when available.

Instructions for preparing and customizing your library’s QuestionPoint forms are available here.

Your library can also use an email address and/or a Texting number* to have questions routed to QuestionPoint. This enables patrons to send questions without having to use your website as a starting point,

 Note: QuestionPoint is not a direct provider of SMS services. A separate account via Text a Librarian or Upside Wireless is required for this feature

Librarian sends answer

The figure below shows an answer that a librarian is preparing on the Answer Question page in the Ask a Librarian module. When the librarian clicks the Send Answer button, QuestionPoint sends the answer to the patron’s e-mail address and records the answer in the Ask a Librarian module.

Answer question screen


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