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QuestionPoint system and websites

For librarians and administrators

QuestionPoint system

The QuestionPoint system contains the following components for librarians and administrators:

component why use it?
My QuestionPoint page
(in the Home module)
  • Jump to frequently used places in the QuestionPoint system.
  • Launch the chat monitor.
  • Manage your personal account.
  • Read system-wide and local announcements.
  • Locate information and resources.
  • View statistical reports for yourself, your library, your group, all of QuestionPoint in the Reports tab.
Chat monitor
  • Monitor chat requests.
  • Chat with patrons.
  • Indicate when follow-up is needed for a chat session.
Ask a Librarian module
  • Access current email questions, text messages and chat transcripts.
  • Assign questions to librarians (administrators only).
  • Send answers to questions received by your library.
  • Follow up on chat and Qwidget sessions.
  • Record/answer questions received via telephone, walk-up, e-mail, SMS or fax.
  • Refer questions and chat transcripts to subject-matter experts or other libraries.
  • Set up scripts and URLs for use when chatting or answering questions.
  • View patron survey responses.
  • Close questions and chat transcripts to indicate that work on them is complete.
  • Review transcripts and questions to provide quality control (administrators only).
  • View archived questions and chat transcripts in your library’s Service History
Knowledge Base (KB) module
  • Search KBs for information to answer patrons’ questions.
  • Add records to the Global KB or a local KB.
  • Edit and activate KB records to make them searchable.
Administration module
(administrators only)
  • Manage librarian accounts for your library or group.
  • Customize patron forms and communications with patrons.
  • Create patron surveys and view survey reports.
Profile module
  • Provide or view library profile information.
  • Provide or view library Policy Pages.
  • Search for referral partners.


The following websites support your QuestionPoint activities:

component why use it?
QuestionPoint support website
  • Access implementation materials, online help and documentation (Support page).
  • Use training materials and learn about training sessions (Training page).
  • Access the logon page for QuestionPoint (Librarian/Patron logon links).
QuestionPoint Wiki
  • Access reference policies, guidelines, and best practices.
  • Read and contribute information for the QuestionPoint community.
OCLC website Access information for prospective QuestionPoint members (QuestionPoint page).
QuestionPoint blog Read and comment on news about the QuestionPoint service and community.

For patrons

If configured by the library, patrons receive a private free, QuestionPoint account in the QuestionPoint system if they submit a valid e-mail address when submitting a question.

QuestionPoint system

The QuestionPoint system contains the following components for patrons.

component why patrons use it?
Chat request form Start a chat session with a librarian.
Chat window/Qwidget Chat with a librarian.
E-mail question form Submit a question for a library to answer via email.
E-mail messages from QuestionPoint Read answers or chat transcripts.
Patron interface/account Review their questions, answers, and chat transcripts.
Public-access KB Search Global KB records or local KB records marked for public access.


  • You need a QuestionPoint patron account to access its interface. If your library configures the feature, you receive information about your free QuestionPoint patron account by email the first time you submit a question through a web form or chat with a librarian.)
  • Click Search KB on the Patron Logon page to go to the Basic Search page for the public-access Global KB. Anyone can search it; no account is needed.
  • Click Terms of Service on the Patron Logon page to see the terms and conditions governing use of QuestionPoint facilitated communication with a library and possible disposition of the question and answer text.


Your library's website

Your library’s website supports your reference service for patrons

component why patrons use it?
Reference service page
  • Learn about reference hours and methods.
  • Chat with a librarian (if offered by your library).
  • Submit a question through a web form (if offered by your library).

 Note: See the Best practices in link placement guide for ideas on where to place links to your reference service.


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