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View patron survey

 Note: The following information pertains to internal patron survey reports. For information about patron survey options, including external patron survey forms, see Patron surveys.

Patrons may respond to a survey about their satisfaction with your library's reference service.

To view survey responses for a particular question or chat session:

  • Click the survey link in a question list or in a Full Question. QuestionPoint displays the survey responses in a separate window.

Email notice

When a patron responds to a survey about a question assigned to you or a chat session with you, QuestionPoint sends a message to:

  • Your e-mail address (My QuestionPoint > Settings > E-mail address).
  • Your library's e-mail notification address (Administration > Institution > Settings > E-mail Notification).

The message contains the patron's response to the survey and the Question ID of the Full Question.


No responses. No survey link appears if there are no survey responses for a question or chat session.

Multiple responses. A patron may respond more than once to the survey for a question or chat session. All responses are displayed when you click the survey link.

Survey reports. Your institution administrator can view survey statistics and all survey responses (Administration > Institution > Surveys > Survey Reports).

Survey forms. Your library may have:

  • A chat survey form that is presented at the end of chat sessions and with e-mailed chat transcripts
  • An ask survey form that is presented with e-mailed answers to questions
  • Both forms
  • Neither form

Your institution administrator sets up the survey forms (Administration > Institution > Surveys > Survey Form).


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