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Customize the Librarian-is-Typing message

In chat sessions and Qwidget sessions, the patron sees a message when the librarian is typing. The default text is "librarian is typing." The message appears when the librarian starts typing and disappears when the librarian stops. The message is located at the bottom of the Qwidget and above the patron entry box in the patron chat window. (When the patron is typing, "is typing" appears following the patron's name above the transcript in the chat monitor and "!" appears at the beginning of the chat session in the list under the My Active tab.)

You (Institution Administrator) can customize the text of the message that patrons see. If you customize the text, we recommend that you limit the length to 25 or fewer characters.

You customize the text where the Qwidget is created in the Administration module even if your library uses chat but not the Qwidget.

If you use the Qwidget or both chat and the Qwidget, see Create your Qwidget (QuestionPoint widget) for instructions.

If you do not use the Qwidget, use the following instructions to customize the text:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Institution > Forms > Forms Manager.
  2. Click Create Qwidget.
  3. Select a language for which you want to customize the text and click Submit.
  4. On the Qwidget Configuration page for the selected language, enter your text in the Customize "librarian is typing" box.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Return to Forms Manager.
  7. Repeat steps 2–6 as needed for each language in which you want to customize the text.