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Membership/approval status in a group

Your membership/approval status in each group that you joined online appears on the My Virtual Groups page and in e-mail messages you receive when the group administrator acts on your membership. If you have questions about the status, contact the group administrator. To view contact information, click the name of the group on the My Virtual Groups page.

Membership/approval statuses:

status description
New The administrator has not yet acted on your membership request.
Active You can participate in group activities, such as refer questions to other active members of the group and receive questions from them.
Rejected You or the administrator must take additional action or provide additional information before the administrator can update your status to active.
Inactive This is a temporary status. For example, you may have asked the administrator to update your status to inactive so you temporarily stop receiving questions from members of the group. When you are ready to receive questions again, ask the administrator to update your status to active.
Blocked The administrator determined that membership in the group is not appropriate for you. Although the group is listed on the My Virtual Groups page, it is not counted as one of the five groups that you can join or create.


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