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Group entry on the Group Enrollment screen

A group entry on the Group Enrollment page contains the following items.

item description
Name of the group Name of the group.
Information (|) button Click this button to view the Group Information window. It opens as a separate window and contains more information about the group, including contact information and a list of group members.
Description of the group Description of the group
Enrollment status Open: Institutions may join the group now.

Closed: Institutions may not join the group now.
Activation status Active: Group members may participate in group activities now.

Inactive: Group members may not participate in group activities now.
Group type Public Subscription: Group was formed by making a subscription group public; members of the group share a local knowledge base.

Virtual: Group was created online; members of the group do not share a local knowledge base.
Number of members Number of members in the group.
Use This Group for Activities for which the group was formed:
  • Referral appears if group members refer questions among themselves when they need assistance providing answers.
  • Web Form Coverage appears if group members provide Web-form question coverage and extended hours of service for each others' patrons.
Creation Date Time and date when a virtual group was created or a subscription group was made public.
Your institution's membership status One of the following appears to indicate your membership status for the group:
  • Join this group appears if your institution has not yet joined the group and you may request membership now by clicking Join this group.
  • No information appears if your institution has not yet joined the group but the group's enrollment is currently closed.
  • *Date Joined and a date appears if your institution already joined the group online.
  • *Group Administrator appears if you created the group online and, therefore, your institution is already a member.
  • *Subscription Group appears if your institution joined the group when it subscribed to QuestionPoint or you are the administrator of the subscription group.


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