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Group Enrollment links, boxes, and button

Use the links, boxes, and button above the list on the Group Enrollment page to search, limit and sort the list of virtual groups.

method description
Search by letter Click a letter link to view an alphabetical list of all groups whose names begin with that letter.
Search box

To view a list of all groups, leave this box empty and click Go.

To view a list of groups whose names contain a particular word or text string, type the word or text string in this box and click Go.

You may also select an Enrollment status limit and the Sort Most Recent First box before you click Go.

Enrollment status Select an option in this drop-down list before you click Go to limit the group list by enrollment status. Select:
  • All to view groups whether or not you may join them now.
  • Open to view only groups that you may join now.
  • Closed to view only groups that you may not join now.
Sort Most Recent First Check this box before you click Go to view the group list in order by creation date, with the most recently created groups listed first.
Go button Click Go to view the group list that matches your choices in the Search box, Enrollment status drop-down list, and Sort Most Recent First box.
Page links Click a link (1-10, 11-20, etc.) to go to another page of the current list.



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