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Activate and manage members of a virtual group or public subscription group

After you Create a virtual group or Make a subscription group "public", you can:

  • View information about a group member.
  • Activate a member.
  • Update a member's status in the group.

 Note: You receive an e-mail message when an institution joins your group so you can activate its membership.

Activate and manage members of a group

  1. Log on to QuestionPoint using your administrator authorization number.
  2. Select Administration in the Select Service drop-down menu.
  3. On the Create New Librarian Account screen, click Virtual Groups.
  4. On the My Virtual Groups screen, click Member.
  5. On the Member Status Update screen, click Member Info to view information about an institution. The system opens a separate Institution View window containing the information. You can view or print the information and close the window.

    To activate or update the status of one or more institutions, to go the next step.
  6. Check the box for one or more institutions for which you want to take a particular action. For information about the available actions, see Member Status Update Actions.
  7. Select the action in the Update Status drop-down list.
  8. Click Update Status. The system updates the approval status for each checked institution and sends an e-mail notification to each of them.
  9. If you want to take a different action for one or more institutions, repeat steps 6–8.

Member Status Update actions

You can take the following actions on the Member Status Update page to change the membership/approval status of members of your group.

action membership/approval status that results description
Activate Active The institution can participate in group activities.
Reject Rejected You or the institution must take additional action or provide additional information before you can activate the institution. By separate communication, notify the institution of the needed action or information.
Deactivate Inactive This is a temporary status. For example, the institution may have asked you to update its status to inactive so it temporarily stops receiving questions from members of the group. When the institution is ready to receive questions again, it should ask you to update the status to active.
Block Blocked You determined that membership in the group is not appropriate for the institution. Inform the institution of the reasons. While an institution is blocked, it cannot leave the group or try to join the group again.
Unblock No status; removed from the Member Status Update page You determined that membership is appropriate for a blocked institution. The institution can try again to join the group.


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