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Set up branding for your group's patron accounts and librarian accounts

A Group (Subscription Group) administrator can specify the branding of QuestionPoint patron and librarian accounts for all the libraries in the group. Default values are used for any settings that the Group administrator does not provide.

Specify the branding

  1. Navigate to Administration > Subscription Group > Settings > Branding.
  2. Enter settings in the Branding Settings and Patron UI Settings areas.
  3. Click Save.


The settings are listed below in the order in which they appear on the Group Branding page.

Librarian/administrator accounts only

The following setting affects librarian/administrator accounts only.

  • Short Name: The name (30 characters or fewer) of your group. It identifies the group in librarian/administrator accounts and in messages from the group to institution administrators. For example, the short name identifies your group's knowledge base in the Knowledge Base module.

Patron and librarian/administrator accounts

The following settings affect patron and librarian/administrator accounts. These settings relate to the image/logo displayed in the upper left of pages in patron accounts and in the upper right of pages in librarian/administrator accounts. The image/logo is also displayed in the upper left of the patron chat window while the patron waits for a librarian to join the session and after the librarian leaves the session. It is not displayed while the librarian and patron are chatting.

  • Branding Image URL: The URL of the image file for the image/logo. The image displays 160 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. Larger images are compressed while smaller images are stretched. To prevent distortion, resize larger images with a graphics editor and center smaller images on a 160x60 white background. Use of a .gif or .jpg image is recommended. Include "http://" in the URL.
  • Alternate Text: Alternate (alt) text for the image.
  • Home page URL: The URL of the page that appears if the image is clicked. Include "http://" in the URL.

Patron accounts only

The settings in the Patron UI Settings area affect patron accounts only. Be sure to click Save when you finish. Otherwise, your changes will be lost.

  • Colors (hexadecimal color codes): The first eight settings define the colors used in banners, bars, and fonts on pages in patron accounts. Enter a hexadecimal color code for each setting. Exclude #. For example, enter 000000 for black (#000000). The effect of each setting is shown in the sample page to the right of the settings.
  • Custom URL and Link Text: The last four settings let you add one or two tabs to the right of the Search KB tab. For each tab that you want to add, enter the link text for the tab and the URL of the page that appears if the tab is clicked. The link text as entered here is displayed for any interface language that the patron selects. Include "http://" in the URL. The effect of each setting is shown in the sample page to the right of the settings.


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